Regular Council Meetings, April – May 2021

Council continues to keep its regular meetings with relatively light agendas – though there is certainly a lot of activity picking up speed!

Highlighted items of business included:

  • Preliminary Development Plan for Properties at 134 and 144 Merchant Street
  • Springdale Community Center Roof replacement – Phase II

Preliminary Development Plan for Properties at 134 and 144 Merchant Street

There is exciting work getting started around 2 vacant office properties on Merchant Street.  The developer Vandercar has started working with the City to redevelop these properties for multi-family residential use.  The current plan is looking to replace the office use (on 10.852 acres) with 229 units – 97 being townhomes and 132 apartments.

New Plat

The existing office buildings would be converted to the apartments with the main exterior being maintained (and refreshed) with the inside gutted.  With shared green space being added between the buildings and some of the outside parking repurposed for townhomes.

Apartment Layout

What an exciting project – the community would see two out of date office buildings replaced and allow our City to grow welcoming more families to our city!

Springdale Community Center Roof replacement – Phase II

For the past several years the Community Center roof has had reoccurring trouble keeping the rain out.  Seeing buckets in the lobby, on the gym floor, and in the weight room were common sights with every storm.  The first phase of the project has made a big impact on the ‘water tightness’ of the building (though the City did have to work with the contractor and the manufacturer of the roof materials when shortly after the work was ‘complete’ but still pending inspection a leak developed! – though fixed under warranty).

Now the second phases of work have been bid out and is expected to begin as soon as the weather permits.


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