Regular Council Meetings, June – July 2021

Council moved to its Summer schedule in July so this update only includes one meeting that month.  Highlighted items of business included:

  • Preliminary Development Plan for 11911 Sheraton Lane
  • Introduction/Swearing-In: Anthony Stanley, Chief, Springdale Fire Department
  • Charter Amendment proposals – Remove Clerk of Council position and several administrative updates

Preliminary Development Plan for 11911 Sheraton Lane

There is more exciting development work that has moved through various planning steps for the Sheraton Lane.  The current plan is looking to replace the former hotel location (on 8.36 acres, previously zoned commercial use) with a 215 unit multi-family residential complex with amenities such as pool, dog park, herb garden, and other outdoor living spaces.

The former hotel location and the sites redevelopment has already been a multi year project – the land purchase by the developer from the City is expected to complete by the end of the year. What an exciting project!

Swearing in Ceremony for New Fire Chief – Anthony Stanley

The Springdale Fire Department is in good hands with the newly sworn in Fire Chief – Anthony Stanley (following the retirement of the previous Fire Chief – Michael Hoffman).  Chief Stanley has long served Springdale with the Fire Department – twenty-two years of distinguished service.   Chef Stanley started in the department as a recruit then firefighter / paramedic.  Prior to his promotion he served as the EMS Captain and the Training Captain and was later promoted to Assistant Fire Chief on June 2, 2013.

It speaks very well of the department that there is such amazing home grown and long tenured talent serving our City.  Congratulations and best wishes!

Charter Amendment proposals – Remove Clerk of Council position and several administrative updates

The Charter Revision Committee has been busy working to review and propose updates to the City Charter (the Charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government – including key roles and committees.)  Many of the recent years had little work to do but a more comprehensive review has been underway – the last changes were in 2016 and before that 2009.  You can find the current City Charter here.  Through that work the committee has recommended several changes to the Charter  including the removal of the current Clerk of Council / Finance Director elected position and to just fold the administrative work into the rest of the Administration departments.

The other changes of substance was to update the process and requirements for recall of elected officials.  Some folks may recall a brief effort by some residents to recall Mayor Webster a few years ago, the last time I can recall this process being attempted.  This was around the same time there was a special investigative committee formed to look into if member of City Council (before my time on Council) broke confidentiality of an Executive Session.  The updated language updates how many and which signatures are required for a valid recall petition and similar.


What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

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