Regular Council Meetings, February – March 2021

Council continued its regular meetings with normal – though somewhat lighter activity compared to previous years.

Highlighted items of business included:

  • Updated Contract with Rumpke for Waste and Recycling Services
  • Recognition the Teachers and Staff at Springdale Elementary for being Selected a National Elementary and Secondary Act School for 2020

Rumpke Contract Renewal

Since 2010 Springdale has joined with The Southwest Ohio Regional Refuse Consortium through the Center for Local Government to jointly put out for bid our collective garbage and recycling (Refuse Consortium?  I know, right?  A group for everything).  This collective lets us get better than individual rates and gets every household reliable service.   The previous rate was 10.85$ per household per month for solid waste and 3.49$ for recycling for a total of  14.34$.  The new negotiated rate (locked in for the next 3 years) is 10.60$ per household per month for solid waste and 4.10$ for recycling for a total of  14.82$ with a rebate coming back to offset the costs based on the amount and quality of the recycling collected.  There are also contracted rates for year 4 and 5 as well with modest increases.

Springdale Elementary Recognition

There was well deserved recognition for our local Elementary school – Springdale was selected by the Ohio Department of Education as a Distinguished School – one of only 57 in the whole United States for 2020.

As a Princeton schools Alum – and a parent with kids that have gone through the elementary school (and PCMS and High School) I am proud to see the school be recognized for the great place that it is!


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