Regular Council Meetings, December 2020 – January 2021

City Council kept its regular meetings through the end of the year and included regular business and some exciting development news.

Highlighted items of business included:

  • Sale of the (City Owned) former Sheraton Hotel Site
  • Residential / Commercial Vehicle Parking Updates
  • End of Year Finances and 2021 Budget

Sale of the Former Sheraton Hotel Site

For the past several years the city has been working to redevelop the site of the former Sheraton Hotel (formerly 11911 Sheraton Lane).  The City purchased the property in January of 2016 for $1.95 Million.  Asbestos removal ($113,490) and demolition cost ($638,314) was offset somewhat by a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant.

The City has agreed to sell the property to Milhaus Properties (a developer of urban upscale apartments).  The initial proposal is to construct 225 Studio/1-2 bedroom apartments in multiple buildings on the site – targeted to young professionals and empty nesters.

This is a very welcome development for the long vacant property – more on this as it goes through the planning commission.

Residential / Commercial Vehicle Parking Updates

This comes as good news for family and small business owners in the city who have had trouble finding parking in some residential streets.  We have updated the local parking laws to allow the parking of some commercial (take home) vehicles and non-recreational trailers on homeowners driveways.  These used to have to be parked in the street causing some restricted sight-lines and was generally seen as unfriendly to residents who had work vehicles they would take home and drive back between working hours.

Non-recreational trailers can now also be stored in the side or rear yard – at least 5 feet from the property line on an improved surface.

Note that this does not permit any sort of ‘dispatch’ businesses from running out of residential districts (like towing or taxi services for example) – it just makes it easier for homeowners to use their own driveways as they see fit.

End of Year Finances – 2021 Budget

As in previous years the proposed budget was presented at the final meeting of the year.  The review can be found in the ICRC taping of the 12/16 meeting and the documents are all posted on the City Finance Department website (Link).  If you ever have any questions about the budget or how our tax dollars are being spent please feel free to reach out.


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