Regular Council Meeting, 11/07/18

City Council met for its first regular meeting of November on 11/7 with two significant items:

  • Continued hearing for the Springrose subdivision re-zoning
  • Reissue of bonds for the former Sheraton property

On the Bond issue there was limited discussion as it was a fairly routine reissue while the property developer continues it’s due diligence and sales preparation work.  The reissue was for 1.32 Million – the alternative to reissue would have been to absorb / pay-down the bond out of the general fund (as was done with the first half of the property costs the prior year) which is just not financially viable option this time.  This issue passed unanimously.

On Springrose there was  significantly more discussion similar to the discussion that was at the previous Planning meeting.  As I described in the 8/14 planning meeting I have a positive outlook on the development.  This issue passed unanimously.


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