Regular Council Meeting, 11/21/18

City Council met for its Second regular meeting of November on 11/21 with a very light agenda with two items though in New Business there was introduction on a significant issue pressing the City:

  • Agreement for a lease agreement for the previously approved Bucket Truck for the Public Works department
  • Resolution to allow the City to use accumulated credit card reward points toward the Springdale Offering Support (SOS) non-profit
  • (New Business) Forecast Budget Shortfall

Neither planned agenda item was particularly contentious.  Noteworthy on the bucket truck – this was originally approved as a outright purchase, in conjunction with the 2019 budget planning and end of year 2018 finance reviews the finance committee and the City Administration recommended from a cash flow perspective the City would be better off financing over 3 years the purchase.  The bidding process for the lease we received offered between ~3.5% to 7.65%.   We approved signing with Huntington (whom we have a current relationship with) at a 3.53% effective rate.

The Credit card points equated to approximately a 750$ donation by the City to the non-profit that directly provides benefits  Springdale resident.  More on SOS can be found here.

The new business item deserves a full accounting – for details on the Budget and Earnings Tax see post here.   More on that to come as well.

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