February, March Council Meetings – Pool Management and New Businesses

After a busy start to the new Council’s term the regular agenda eased up.  Anyone looking for more frequent updates and if you are on Facebook I encourage you to join the Springdale Community Group.  Feel free to tag me in any questions over there too, I try to keep up with it as much as possible.

As for recent meetings, there are two items I wanted to highlight:


Swim Safe Pool Management

Every year the City expands its Parks and Recreation Department staff to manage the pool season – this includes around 24 life guards, 4 concession workers, 1 concession manager, and 4 gate attendants.  Over the past few years getting to this staffing level has become an increasing challenge – which puts regular pool opening and hours at risk!

Parks and Rec staff reviewed available options including keeping it in house versus outsourcing and determined that in order to maintain our pool Swimsafe was chosen to operate our pool for the 2024 pool season.  Anyone interested in applying to work at our pool or other nearby pools can apply online here.   There was A TON of community interest in this topic spanning several meetings.  I do want to highlight one of those residents that was so invested with the success of the pool over the years that came and spoke at the February 21st, 2024 Council meeting – Sharon Brooks – long time pool manager and just a wonderful person.  You can just see how much the pool means to so many and how she was the heart of the place just by listening to her speak about the transition being proposed (starting at minute 35:00).

Source: ICRC 2/21/24 Springdale City Council meeting; https://youtu.be/Way_O0HH_ok?t=2085

While the proposed transition to an outsourced model started slow – after a great deal of discussion the proposal was amended to address concerns and passed.  I also want to thank City Administration for patiently listening to the concerns and comments from residents and Council and updating the contract.

Enable Injections

Business activity (and change!) remains a regular churn.  More often news outlets highlight closures without coming back around and giving even the littlest air time to the new vibrant businesses that move into  and replace these old spots.  I want to highlight one of those new businesses to Springdale – as it is an exciting growth business that just signed up to bring a significant presence to our community – Enable Injections.   This brings around 250 well paying highly skilled positions to our City.  The story in the Springdale newsletter is below:

Source: City of Springdale, https://www.springdale.org/media/4196

Also noteworthy – if you want back issues of the newsletter they can be found on the City’s redesigned website here.


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