Regular Council Meetings, October – November 2020

City Council remains on its normal schedule with several items of wide interest on the agenda.

Highlighted items of business included:

  • Rezone of 540 Ray Norrish Drive to a Planned Unit Development (Solar Panels)
  • Northland Boulevard Reconstruction Project
  • Contract with Vogelpohl Fire Equipment for a New Fire Engine

Solar Panel Installation

An exciting project was up for review – the rezoning of the Glenmary Home Missionier  Headquarters on Ray Norris Drive to allow a Solar Panel array installation.

  Glenmary Story (and Picture Credit) Link

I am very excited that another green project is proceeding in Springdale.  If anyone is looking for help getting green projects moving please do not hesitate to reach out.  I would be happy to help any way I can.  OKI, where I serve on the Board of Directors also has resources available as part of a “Solar Ready Program” (Link).

Northland Boulevard Reconstruction

Northland Boulevard is a major roadway for traffic coming into and through Springdale.  What folks might not realize is we have had to do what seems like continual repairs stemming from failures under the original 1960’s concrete.  The clay and sandy soil in our area makes drain water management difficult.  In addition to a full depth replacement of the entire stretch of road we will be looking to adding a more ‘Green’ bioretention / bioswale center median.  This includes specialized vegetation, soil improvements, and an underdrain system.

Cincinnati is currently working on a similar project on Rapid Run similar to this:

The whole project is expected to cost approximately $6,870,000 and Springdale was already successful in gaining a grant award of $5,340,949 from a Surface Transportation Block Grant through OKI.  The City will continue to apply for additional grants to further offset the remaining cost – Design and Engineering is expected to be done in phases between 2020 through 2022.

New Fire Engine (Pumper)

Council approved the purchase of a new fire engine (under the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program) – a 2021 E-One Custom Typhoon Stainless Steel Emax Pumper.  The new engine is being purchased from Vogelpohl Fire Equipment and runs ~ $792,000.


What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

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