Regular Council Meetings, August – September 2020

Council returned to its normal schedule, Council has rescinded the Mayoral temporary emergency powers as it has become apparent that Council would be able to maintain its work, and the disruptions the Pandemic has caused have been serious though manageable.

Highlighted items of business included:

  • Community Center Roof Repair
  • Comprehensive Plan with McBride Dale Clarion

Community Center Roof Repair

For the past several years the Community Center roof has had reoccurring trouble keeping the rain out.  Seeing buckets in the lobby, on the gym floor, and in the weight room were common sights with every storm.


This work will start in earnest and it is very welcome!

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Springdale last updated its Comprehensive plan over 10 years ago.  Comprehensive plans are critical to align resident, business, and government services.  Comprehensive plans set high level plans for zoning, facility use plans, business guidelines, and services.  Having a current plan allows the City to better compete for business investment as well as Regional, State, and Federal funding – by showing where we are going makes us a better investment for all these groups.  Springdale has partnered with McBride Dale Clarion to update our plan.  TO see some examples check out the McBride site here.

The best to ensure the City goes the way you want to see it go is to participate when opportunity arises.  The Comprehensive planning process will have several surveys, community outreach, and small group opportunities.  As these come up make sure your voice is heard!  More on this to come.


What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

email and phone numbers of all your City Council members are online –


City Administration as well –


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