Regular Council Meeting, 4/18/18

City Council met for its second regular meeting of April on 4/18/2018 and had a much higher attendance than recent meetings.

First let me apologize that this update is coming in later than usual, I have had the interesting opportunity to serve these past 2 weeks on grand jury duty for Hamilton County – full days the whole way!

As a side note this was the first time I have been called to jury duty despite having been a regular voter since I turned 18 – it has been intense!  This is the jury detail where you hear cases that would be indicted as criminal felonies in order to move forward to trials.  There can been dozens of cases in a day and often these cases can come with horrific details and heartbreaking testimony from witnesses and victims.  Sitting through so many serious situations I was reminded time and time again about how fortunate my family and I have been – and how great our community in Springdale – we live in a strong and safe community. 

This past council meeting kicked off with a very interesting discussion that came out of the Planning Committee update where there has been a recommendation that Springdale formally review and update its master plan.  A master plan in this case includes general guidance on zone maps, business development direction, transportation, government services, and community development priorities.

More on this in the future as time permits but for the record I support having a vibrant, community driven, and up to date master plan.  I believe it can be a great tool to help businesses understand where we are headed and help residents steer and buy-in on where we are going.  It should be a reference in every planning meeting and have it serve as a foundation element for every year’s department plans and budgets.


The Planning discussion was followed by a presentation on by the fire department.  If you have not heard of this before I suggest you take a few minutes to take a look.  Our local 911 systems are integrated so if you have emergency information in the system it will be available to first responders.  With some severe food allergies in my household it is certainly something I’d want to make sure is known.

In addition to some minor city business (proclamations, temporary sign zoning code, and property easements) the Springdale Commerce Park development came for its second reading, public hearing, and vote.  More on that from past posts here.  I am very much looking forward to that space being used again.  This passed 7-0.

As always full agendas and minutes are available on the Springdale site.


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