August, Sept. Council Meetings – Sidewalk update and New Police Vehicles

City Council continued with it’s “summer schedule” only meeting once in August and then returned to regular (though light) schedule in September.

As I wrote in my last post, for anyone looking for more frequent updates and if you are on Facebook I encourage you to join the Springdale Community Group.  At last count had over 900 members and is very active sharing goings on in Springdale and some of our neighboring communities.  The group is well moderated and generally has a very positive vibe to it.   Feel free to tag me in any questions over there too, I try to keep up with it as much as possible.

As far meet for recent meetings, there are two items I wanted to highlight:

  • Tri-County Parkway Multi-use Path
  • New Police Vehicles

Tri-County Parkway Multi-use Path

Some might recall the Springdale Connectivity Plan,  a comprehensive approach to connect areas of Springdale internally as well as outside the City, included updates to the walkways around Tri-County Parkway from Northland Blvd to Princeton Pike.  The City recently was awarded ~$304,000 of the funds needed to fill in the ~1,500 linear feet of walkway!

Source: City of Springdale ‘Springdale Connectivity Plan’

City Council gladly accepted the grant to help move this part of the plan forward!


New Police Vehicles

For years and years Ford has cornered the Police vehicle market, all over – and certainly in Springdale.  However starting soon we will see 2 Dodge Durangos (Durangi?) roaming our streets.  Over the past couple years it has been a real challenge to locate replacement vehicles, the City even went as far as Wisconsin to find stock.  Ford and GM both were not accepting orders for new units and could not even confirm if they would open up to have more available in 2024.  Right here in Springdale, Jake Sweeny had Dodge units in stock at the State negotiated bid price that meets our needs.  While there is certainly additional costs with having multiple manufacturers we simply do not have a lot of alternative options… so these two new vehicles were approved for purchase and I guess we are Mopar now?

If I can answer any questions just drop me a line!


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