Springdale COVID-19 (Coronavirus) State of Emergency

The situation our community finds itself in is constantly evolving.  As was done at the County and State levels, Springdale has declared a State of Emergency.

Rather than trying to keep up and re-posting snippets of data please see the following for current and verified details that can help keep all of us safe.

Below are authoritative public information site.

Ohio Department of Health COVID Site: Link
Hamilton County COVID Information Site: Link
CDC COVID Information Site: Link

If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634)




What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

email and phone numbers of all your City Council members are online – https://www.springdale.org/city-council/page/meet-your-city-council


City Administration as well –


Connect with your Neighbors –


Related Links

Note – on July 31, 2023 Springdale released a new website and previous links were not maintained as well as many minutes and agendas offline.

Past Minutes and Agendas: https://www.springdale.org/meetings/recent
Upcoming meetings: https://www.springdale.org/meetings
Request Public Records: https://www.springdale.org/living-springdale/page/public-records-access


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