Regular Council Meeting, 5/15/2019

City Council met on 5/15 for its second regular meeting of May (though the first since the income tax vote).  Though a short meeting there were several items of business including:

  • Zone Change proposal for 12000 and 12050 Princeton Pike (Public Hearing and Vote)
  • Income Tax Issue
  • Surplus Item Sale Approval
  • Chipper Purchase

Zone Change proposal for 12000 and 12050 Princeton Pike (Public Hearing and Vote)

The proposed zoning change that started several months ago for the properties near the mall and I-275 had the recommendation from the Planning Commission to approve, came up for votes, and passed 6-1.  This property is the old Staples and Overstock locations near the mall (tucked behind the 747 exit ramp.)  The new tenant will put in a personal storage facility as well as a dog day care.


Income Tax Issue

With the passage of the income tax issue at the May election Council voted to formally change the income tax ordinance.

Surplus Item Sale Approval

Like all businesses and households the City often finds itself with equipment that is passed its useful life and needs to dispose of it.  For items that still might have value  the City tries to donate it or sell it to recover some of the cost.  Typically donated items are public safety equipment (such as fire fighter safety gear) to other smaller communities that might be able to use it but may not be able to afford new equipment.  Surplus that may be useful for everyday folks often finds itself up for public auction on  This can be everything from old software manuals and office supplies to out of service police cruisers – or even old firetrucks!  Before equipment can be released it shows up at Council for approval.  Noteworthy in this round of Spring Cleaning there were a couple dozen police tazers (!?).  Before you start looking for those on govdeals that police equipment will be destroyed rather than released for general purchase…

Chipper Purchase

With the tax issue passed the City was able to move forward with the planned purchase of a replacement second chipper for Public Works.  This lets the City keep up with the brush removal needs and cleanup the City performs for the residents.  The old chipper was taken out of service with maintenance and safety concerns – the new one should be a great asset for years to come.

Image result for 2018 VERMEER WOOD CHIPPER MOWER


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