Regular Council Meeting, 3/21/18

City Council met for its second regular meeting of March on 3/21/2018.  The meeting kicked off with the introduction of 2 new city employees –

Lisa DellaTorre – Administrative Secretary, Police Department
Nathan Chaney – Maintenance Worker, Public Works Department

I was impressed with both the departments introduction and the new team members enthusiasm for the new jobs.

In addition to approval to purchase a new Riding Mower ordinances and discussions of note that followed included:

  • Proposed Agreement with Forest Park for Prisoner Confinement – action
  • Cloverdale Road Rehab (Emergency Clause)
  • Beacon Hills Drive Aprons Resolution

As always full agendas and minutes are available on the Springdale site.  This post will just touch on some highlights.

Proposed Agreement with Forest Park for Prisoner Confinement (Emergency clause)

As discussed at the previous meeting Springdale currently has agreements with several other communities to house prisoners for short periods of time.  Springdale has a 4 cell facility and typically has room available.  This allows us to work with these other communities (often direct neighbors) to help maintain public safety.  Forest Park has had agreements in the past for prisoner confinement and this agreement would be more a continuation rather than new.  This was the second reading of the proposed ordinance which passed 7-0.

Cloverdale Road Rehab (Emergency Clause)

With the Water Works main work completed the work to complete the road rehabilitation bids were ready for action.  The close bid / contract date required the emergency clause for action though the discussion on this item has spanned several meetings.  This passed 7-0.

Beacon Hills Drive Aprons Resolution

As has been the practice as road repairs have progressed through Springdale ahead of the work beginning the Public Works reviews the driveway aprons connected to the new curbs and rehabed roadways.  Just as the roadwork is a significant expense for our city, replacement drive aprons can be a significant expense.  To help with the cost the road rehab contractor includes low cost repair services managed through the city bid available for the affected homeowners.  Letters will be going out shortly and keep in mind that the Home Repair Program  may be able to offset a significant amount of the cost (up to $1,000) – subject to household income limits.  If you have questions about your options please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the City Administration.  This passed 7-0.


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