OKI – Smart Car Survey, Ohio Gas Tax, Job Hub

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Several interesting items came up at a recent OKI Board of Directors meeting I attended (representing Springdale.)  If you aren’t familiar OKI is council of local governments, business organizations and community groups that work together to develop collaborative strategies related transportation, jobs, and public works.  More practically, OKI approves ~$40 Million in funding for projects […]

Regular Council Meetings, 1/2/19 & 1/16/19

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City Council met for its regular meeting of January on 1/2 and 1/16 with a light set of agendas for both – though very significant ones – notably: Finance administrative items (annual appropriation, investment of funds authorization, and requesting advanced payment of funds from Hamilton County Auditor) Introduction of new employees (Elizabeth Johnson – Fitness […]

Regular Council Meeting, 12/5/18

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City Council met for its first regular meeting of December on 12/5 with several housekeeping items on the agenda (finance and administrative) including: Finance administrative items (closing unused accounts, adding computer modernization fee for Mayors Court, City Engineer contract update) Appointments to the Board of Health (Rita Hart, Kevin Ketring) A reading (no action) of […]