Springdale Costco Staying!

Springdale Costco to stay! For anyone that missed the announcement last night at the Springdale City Council meeting, City Administration shared that in large part to all the new developments and growth Costco has decided to keep the Springdale location even after the Liberty Center addition.

The Springdale location is expected to close briefly for remodel and updating when the Liberty location opens but will be staying!  That place is always packed – and with the Liberty location addition maybe parking will be easier – so this is great news!

Source: Google Maps data Street View Nov 2020, Copyright Google 2022

Update (4/8): There is some speculation on various social media sites that the ‘updates’ and remodeling for this location is to convert this store to a “Costco Business Center”.  I don’t have confirmation on that at this point but keep in mind that when this location was first reported as closing there was some speculation that it might stay as a “Costco Business Center” and that may be part of the plan or just old information – I don’t have that detail – and Costco might not even know for sure yet.

Even if that is the case keep in mind it might even be better this way for a lot of folks.  There are only a dozen or so of these nationally –

“Costco Business” centers accept all memberships not just ‘business’ members and simply reflect some different focus on what is offered.

They open earlier, have expanded drink selections, and other quirks. Right now I am just glad that it plans to remain, it is a nice shopping option.


Update 2 (4/8):  The enquirer added some additional reporting and highlight plans submitted for the “Costco Business Center Warehouse”.  Looking forward to see what then do to give more shopping options while (hopefully) keeping all the favs!


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