Tri-County Mall Redevelopment

Word continues to spread that things are happening in Springdale – the latest is about the work that has been underway to redevelop the Tri-County Mall area.   In case you have missed the signs and past public meetings on the development you can learn more about it from the documents submitted to the Planning committee.  The development is expected to span more than a decade and as planned is a 800 Million to 1 Billion dollar investment!  After the next City Council meeting where the proposal to change to ‘approved use’ of the mall area to allow multi-family residential as well as other proposed uses the developer would need to go through the plan review process just as other developments would do.

This work is in addition to the redevelopment of nearby on Merchant Street office space to  apartments and town-homes (which just today announced additional financing being secured).  This is an exciting time for the City as well as the region as a whole.

Take a look at some of the concept drawings submitted with the planning commission documents and as always reach out and let me know what you think (of special interest to me right now is what do you think about the proposal to move some rec center services to the new development – more on that item for sure in the near future!):


Fox19 Story: Link
WCPO 9 Story: Link

What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

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City Administration as well –


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Note – on July 31, 2023 Springdale released a new website and previous links were not maintained as well as many minutes and agendas offline.

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