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Just getting back from an exciting public meeting our local library (the Parkdale / Forest Park) I wanted to share some more I learned about the County Library Master facilities plan.  If you haven’t been plugged in, the Library has been holding Public listening sessions and updating their master facilities plan (this has been ongoing in earnest since 2019).

At last nights Forest Park Council meeting our neighboring City entered into an agreement (letter of intent) that would have the City trade the current library property with one one the 600 Block of Northland that is also City owned (right next to the Post Office) and make a major (10-12 Million dollar) investment in a new “Big Next Generation” library for our region!  The plan calls for a 22,500 SF to 27,500 SF library with all sorts of top notch services.  This is a serious investment by our local library (already one of the best library networks in the nation!)

The latest public meeting was well attended by Forest Park elected officials and residents – so after the meeting I spoke with the Library Director Jane Coombe and we will be working to get more information on the work planned in front of Springdale residents as well (perhaps presentations at future Council meetings as well as more public listening and information sessions at the community center.)

The library is doing a really amazing job engaging with the community and evolving the services they offer.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to provide feedback on what the new library should include.

Library Facility Master Planning Information: Link


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Note – on July 31, 2023 Springdale released a new website and previous links were not maintained as well as many minutes and agendas offline.

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