Regular Council Meetings, August – September 2019

Council met on 8/21, 9/4, and 9/18 for regular meetings.  Because the summer months typically have fewer items needing attention rather than 2 regular meetings are reduced to 1 for July and August.  Highlighted items of business included:

  • Bridge Inspection Program
  • Water Drainage Ordinance (including hot tubs and pools)
  • Energy Efficient Upgrade Commercial Financing (Suburban Communities Energy Special Improvement Districts)

Bridge Inspection Program

Did you know Springdale has 12 ‘recognized’ bridges?  For the inspection purposes a bridge ‘resides above a culvert at least ten feet in diameter’.  Springdale has responsibilities for eight of these bridges (one Hamilton County, the remaining the State).  The eight bridges the City is responsible for inspecting are

  • Glensprings Drive west of Route 4 near the former Beef O’Brady’s
  • Northland Boulevard near the City’s Public Works entrance
  • The entrance of Chamberlain Park on Marwood Lane
  • Glensprings Drive east of State Route 4
  • Chesterdale Road over I-275
  • Neuss Avenue between Silverwood Circle and Ruskin Drive;
  • The Ross Park entrance
  • Kemper Road west of State Route 4.

Hamilton County is responsible for inspecting is located on E. Kemper Road between Sears and
Sam’s while the State of Ohio is responsible for inspecting all cross Interstate 275 and
are located over Kenn Road, State Route 4, and State Route 747.

Over the years, the City has always met our responsibility of having the bridges inspected. Starting in 2014, ODOT was able to secure a grant from the Federal Government to perform bridge inspections for communities throughout Ohio (as long as the community accepted) ODOT paid the cost for the inspections. ODOT has once again been able to secure grant funds to cover many costs of bridge inspections and Springdale has elected to continue to work with ODOT for this work.

Water Drainage Ordinances (Including Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs)

The City has been working to provide additional regulations to prevent the drainage of water from one property onto the property of another so several changes to the Springdale Code of Ordinances and Building Code have been updated.  The updates cover general drainage (sump pump discharge, gutter and rain water discharge) as well as pool and hot tub drainage.

There is a newly created Section 152.38 to prohibit any water from a swimming pool or from its use to drain toward or onto adjoining properties. as well as updates to Section 152.33(B) to incorporate the International Residential Code 2018 Edition, as published by the International Code Council.   If you have any questions about drainage feel free to contact the City building department – I have found them to be very helpful answering any questions on specifics of the building code.


Energy Efficient Upgrade Commercial Financing (Suburban Communities Energy Special Improvement Districts)

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a financing tool that property owners can utilize to fund energy efficiency improvements that has roots in Springdale back to July 2014.  This program was never launched in Springdale in 2014 though since then five of our nearby jurisdictions (Sharonville, Loveland, Deer Park, Symmes Township, Sycamore Township) have joined together to create what is called the Suburban Communities Energy Special Improvement District (ESID).  Springdale joined the Suburban Communities ESID which provides a new way for commercial property owners within Springdale to finance energy efficiency improvements such as new HVAC, windows, lighting, and solar panels by offering private lower interest rate loan options and letting the payments for these types of improvements to be attached to and collected through the property taxes.  Springdale is not directly providing the financing – we simply created the needed structure for these business to get access to this type of loan.  We have already had businesses take advantage of this!


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