Regular Council Meetings, June – July 2019

City Council’s summer agendas have been light.  Council met on 6/5, 6/19, and 7/17 for regular meetings.  Because the summer months typically have fewer items needing attention rather than 2 regular meetings are reduced to 1 for July and August.  Highlighted items of business included:

  • Hamilton County Quick Response Team
  • Crescentville Road Improvement Engineering
  • Additional Surplus Item Sale Approval

Hamilton County Quick Response Team

Our Springdale police department participates as a member of an integrated Quick Response team related to substance abuse issues affecting our community.  This QRT visits survivors after critical incidents and offers counseling and rehab referrals.  I think it is important for the community to understand this part we play in this fight.  It isn’t just arrests and jail, it is so much more.

From the city administrators report:

Crescentville Road Improvements

Crescentville road covers part of the northern boarder of Springdale (along Butler County) has been in the plan for Butler County and Sharonville for improvement (expansion and re-pavement.)  The current schedule has road work beginning March 2022 and complete late that year.  This work requires cooperation between the three communities for planning and costs.  Springdale has agreed to be the lead on the project and in that roll we need to begin engineering work now to stay on schedule.  Traffic is expected to be maintained throughout the project and I plan to watch this project closely to monitor the affect it has on the nearby residents.  I grew up in Heritage Hill and am still over there most weeks and am very interested in making sure we limit the affects on everyone.

Surplus Item Sale Approval

Like all businesses and households the City often finds itself with equipment that is passed its useful life and needs to dispose of it.  For items that still might have value  the City tries to donate it or sell it to recover some of the cost.  Typically donated items are public safety equipment (such as fire fighter safety gear) to other smaller communities that might be able to use it but may not be able to afford new equipment.  Surplus that may be useful for everyday folks often finds itself up for public auction on  This can be everything from old software manuals and office supplies to out of service police cruisers – or even old firetrucks!  Before equipment can be released it shows up at Council for approval.  Another round of old equipment was released and is available online.


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