Council Meetings, 4/3 – 5/1

City Council had a light agendas leading up to the May issue election on the local income tax issue.  Items included:

  • Zone Change proposal for 12000 and 12050 Princeton Pike
  • Income Tax Issue

The first zoning change did not have specific action related to it other than to open a public hearing and continue that hearing until the second April meeting.  This was then continued again in April until the May meeting while the applicant continued to work with the City Administration and Planning Commission to work through details of the proposed changes to the zoning.  This property is the old Staples and Overstock locations near the mall (tucked behind the 747 exit ramp.)  The new tenant is looking to put in a personal storage facility as well as a dog day care.

The second item – income tax included additional hearings as well as a special meeting at the rec center to give residents as much notice and chance to hear and ask questions about the proposed change.  More on this issue in previous post here.


What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

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Note – on July 31, 2023 Springdale released a new website and previous links were not maintained as well as many minutes and agendas offline.

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