Regular Council Meetings, 3/6/19 & 3/20/19

City Council met for its regular meetings for March on 3/6 and 3/20 with a light set of agendas for both so another combined post today:

  • Zone Change proposal for 12000 and 12050 Princeton Pike
  • Discussion on Commercial and Parking laws for the City

The first zoning change did not have specific action related to it other than to open a public hearing and continue that hearing until the second April meeting.  This property is the old Staples and Overstock locations near the mall (tucked behind the 747 exit ramp.)  The new tenant is looking to put in a personal storage facility as well as a dog day care.  The biggest hurdle right now appears to be around the signage related to the dog center (they were still working with City Staff and the Planning Commission with a significant sticking point being the requested highway signage for the new business.)  More on that in future meetings but if you have any thoughts on the business / zoning change the public hearing is currently scheduled to be open at the April 17, 2019 meeting.  Fair warning though – based on the Planning Commission meeting last night there may not be a consensus on the sign that would allow Council to take action.

The second item – parking regulations, was a continuation of a concern raised related to current restrictive parking for commercial vehicles on residential Springdale streets.  That same and related ordinance also restricts what private vehicles can be parked on private property.  The general sentiment was the ordinance needs to be looked at formally – that it does not reflect current vehicles and uses (for example the law could be interpreted that if someone were to put a Uber or Lyft light in their sedan and park in their driveway they could be violating the law, that some new regular passenger vans and trucks may be taller or wider than the law originally envisioned.)  I believe the current ordinance oversteps when it dictates the size of passenger autos that can be parked on a persons private driveway – keep in mind State and Federal law already dictates what is legal for passenger autos on public roads and also defines easements for sight lines for public safety.


What do you think?  Let your elected officials know!

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