CIC Report Finalized and to be Presented

Just a quick post for those that may not have been following the Council Investigative Committee (CIC) – more background in the 6/20 meeting post – approved a final draft to submit to City Council for review and action at its previous meeting on 8/23.  The memo and findings are all public records and can be requested by stopping by the City Administration office.

I expect this report will be reviewed at tonight’s City Council meeting as part of the “Old Business” section of the agenda.

At a high level the CIC scope includes:

  • Investigate a claim of breach of executive session confidentiality related to the May 17, 2017 City of Springdale City Council Executive Session.
  • Interview each person present in the May 17, 2017 City of Springdale City Council Executive Session and compile an accounting of the meeting to be available in lieu of an original accounting as a public record.
  • Prepare a summary of findings and recommendations to be delivered to the full City of Springdale City Council.
  • Support the actions and requests from the review of the findings from the full City of Springdale City Council as required, possibly including, but not limited to creation of censure documents, creation of ordinance / council resolutions, referral for continuing professional education, referral to update City Council rules, referral to the State Bar Association, or referral to the County Prosecutor.

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